Gavril Parkettverlegung OG” is your reliable Source for Decorative Unique Wood Medallions, Borders, Inlays, Custom Designs, Parquet Flooring and Massive planks! We are the experts in artistic hardwood parquet flooring both residential and commercial. 
Gavril Parkettverlegung OG” works with architects, designers and contractors over the most prestigious projects around the world.

Gavril Parkettverlegung OG” is one-stop shop for professionals and homeowners looking for distinctive parquet. Simple combination of wood floor medallions with borders and parquet flooring doesn’t produce a special impression. Get new ideas and let us design your unique and beautiful hardwood floor parquet! Being individually designed, produced and installed with care, our unique hardwood parquet flooring can bring the energy of nature to your home and create gentle heart-warming atmosphere.

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